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(St., consider it a late appreciation. Love you, hate you, keep up the good work!)

-„So as of now this vessel’s come to a stage where everything’s connected to everything else and in order to even  get  one point through I’d have to explain everything all at once – obviously a task impossible by means of language…Yeah?“
-„Sorry to interrupt, but that kiiiiiindaaaaaa sooooouuuunds liiike..a little paranoic to me?“
-„Which assesment you’ve come to by merit of the extensive knowledge gathered throughout intense psychiatrical studies you conducted exactly when?“
-„Another question?“
-„What’ll happen now?“
-„That’s easy: Everyone passes –“
[cheers of relieve from the audience]
-„– who will manage to come here every week and sit through 90 minutes of un-dis-turbed silence for the rest of semester.“(1)
-„How’s this about to teach us anything?“
-„After all: You’ve signed up for Philosophy. Therefore I deem you familiar with the concept that what you cannot claim, you need to demonstrate. That’s the deal offered. And assumedly I am facing adults by now. So by your best judgement, take it or responsibly take the chance to leave now.“

Gespräche, die so niemals hätten stattfinden sollen, 8. Livemitschnitt.

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(1). Hesse: Unterm Rad. Pistorius. Anyone?