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  • Once we’re not allowed to admire beauty anymore, all will be lost.

Warnemünde C. November 2010. Landwärtige Ansicht.

Beauty comes in many ways, as of bodies, of minds, of souls and thoughts,
it lies in forms, in colors, in sounds, in structure, relation, interaction.
Admiration is not an easy thing to achieve, to maintain – and to stand.
But in principles, it is recognition of plain facts and allowing them to mean, what they mean to you. You need to make an effort to identify and to understand. Your senses only tell you possible ways. You have to choose and to go. That is the meaning of „beauty in the spectator’s eye“.*
So, true admiration is nothing about superficiality, don’t let anyone tell you that, nor that real beauty wasn’t possible, nor that we shouldn’t look at each other, shouldn’t notice each other. Such claims just try to rob you of an important source.
And after all: How are we supposed to find (and keep in mind) the meaning of meaning, if not by being impressed sometimes by something?

Warnemünde C. November 2010. Seewärtige Ansicht.

*) And therefore, the images may mean nothing to you. I just took the chances to show this is not solely about people and artifacts.